Dec 24 2012

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Jan 25 2008

RAW vs Jpeg – is one definitely better than the other ?

As with almost every decision in digital photography, in the RAW vs jpeg dilemma you should consider the final use of the images and balance the effort involved with the quality of the results. Continue reading

Mar 25 2007

Shooting Tethered to a computer

This is an often overlooked but extremely useful solution for static set-ups. Practically all DSLRs and a good number of compact and bridge digital cameras are capable of shooting tethered to a computer. This article is about shooting tethered with DSLRs with an emphasis on Nikon and Fuji cameras which I use. Continue reading

May 25 2006

Fuji Super CCD – interpolation or not ?

Mathematically speaking no, but the debate continues. The Fujifilm S1 Pro, announced in Jan. 2000, was the camera which really started the debate about the Fuji Super CCD interpolation performed by the sensor and the associated electronics. Continue reading

Jan 25 2006

Megapixels and resolution – Some thoughts

If you hold a digital camera in public, the first question you will be asked is “How many megapixels ?” If the camera is a professional looking one, the average people will be disturbed by the fact that this information is not displayed prominently in bold letters on the camera. Continue reading

Jun 25 2005

Digital vs Film – which is better – the (still) endless debate

The Digital vs Film debate is not going to end in the foreseeable future for very good reasons. First, the discussion is too general in terms and there is no acceptable definition to “Digital”, “Film” and “Better”. Current DSLRs outperform 35mm film but … Let’s have a closer look at them. Continue reading