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Last Updated on 2016/03/19 by Radu Grozescu

There are millions of sites about photography but I try to keep the list as short as possible, listing only the most important ones.

All the links will open a new browser window so you will be able to get back to this list very easily.

Digital Cameras reviews sites: – Digital Cameras Reviews and News: Digital Photography Review: Forums, Glossary, FAQ by Phil Askey. This is the reference site in Digital cameras reviews and hosts an extremely large community of digital photographers in very active, dedicated forums. – Digital camera information and news by Steve Sanders. An alternative to dpreview with a very different approach to digital cameras reviews. Also, digital photography accessories and software reviews. Forums.

News and informative digital photography sites:

(in alphabetical order) – Thom Hogan’s site – packed with photographic reviews and information, mostly about Nikon cameras, lenses and accessories.

Digital images of Birds, Animals, Scenery, Flowers by Ron Reznick. A very comprehensive article about Nikon lenses here. – Devoted to the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques by Michael Reichmann. Very well written digital photography articles.

Moose Peterson’s Wildlife Research Photography. Also a lot of Nikon cameras and lenses reviews. – Bjørn Rørslett’s site, dedicated to IR and UV photography. He also has very interesting photo equipment and lenses reviews. His Nikon lenses reviews are very often quoted. – Digital photography news, tutorials and discussion forums for professional photographers by Rob Galbraith. Very high quality digital photography forums with lots of professional photographers participating in threads. – Will Crockett’s informative site. Also features articles by Jim Tweedie, Marc Hauser, Suzette Allen, Chris Grey. The Photoshop tutorials by Suzette Allen are a must read. The site may require free registration to access all features.

NOU – Cursuri foto online:

DSLR Start – curs foto online – exploatarea unui minim de aparatură … pentru a obţine fotografii frumoase în cât mai multe situaţii.
DSLR Pro – curs foto online – veţi putea obţine imagini bune chiar în condiţii dificile … folosind o trusă foto cât mai compactă.
Fotografia de nuntă – curs foto online – fotografii de bună calitate în toate momentele nunţii, folosind creativ un minimum de aparatură abordabilă, uşor de transportat şi de utilizat.



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