The most useful digital camera accessories

As there is no best digital camera for everyone, the best digital camera accessories will be different depending on your needs and style of shooting.

If you tend to shoot a lot with a high resolution camera (maybe even shooting RAW files), some really big, fast digital camera memory cards will be your best accessories. Instead of switching to a lower resolution or a higher compression setting which will have a visible impact on the quality of your images, you will be able to shoot to your heart’s content at the highest quality.

Two big cards are not enough for the thousands of images you plan for the holiday ?

Lets talk about various storage devices. From those which write directly to CDs to those based on laptop HDDs with or without the possibility to review the images stored, and even real laptops, there are plenty of solutions you can choose.

Enjoy shooting striking landscapes ?

A high quality polarizer filter is a must. Your images will never be the same after you will discover the marvels of a carefully used polarizing filter for landscape photography and many more subjects. And if we opened the generous chapter of photographic filters we will talk about another interesting option – the graduated filters.

If you are serious about landscapes, architecture photography, long telephoto shots or low light and night photography, a good quality tripod and an even better tripod head may represent your best digital camera accessory. The importance of a good tripod can not be underestimated when you demand the ultimate image quality.

The zoom on your new digital camera is already not wide or long enough ?

You can get wide and even fish eye adapters and telephoto extenders which will help you get the wonderful interior shot of a cathedral or that distant mountain landscape, even some shy animals and birds, not to mention the sports shots of your children.

For the demanding digital photography hobby practitioners and their high tech cameras there are external flashes options available. An external flash (or more) will open a whole new world of wild creativity and get within reach many more interesting subjects. And with external flashes there come a whole lot of other photographic accessories: light stands, photographic umbrellas, sync devices, filters and so on …

In this quest for the best digital camera accessory we should remember your new digital SLR which will need some quality lenses. From the moment you get into the digital SLR world, looking for new, even exotic lenses will become a second nature and you will never have too many lenses.

Even a faster computer or a powerful photo editing software can be considered as a digital camera accessory, but since they belong to a slightly different world they will be discussed at length in their own sections.

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