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Last Updated on 2012/12/25 by Radu Grozescu

When your company launch a new product or service, opens a new facility, organize a press conference, a cocktail, a show or any kind of corporate event, you will need to get good photographs, both for your records, web site and to send to your most important guests.

In special cases, some photographs can be made available to the press using the Internet in a very short time after the event.

Quality event photography is not easy and you will immediately see the difference between the images taken by a professional event photographer and the snapshots delivered by an amateur.

Event photography is often needed for press conferences and corporate events.

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From a press conference you will need a full set of images for your records and some good digital images to deliver to the papers and magazines which didn’t have their own photographers at the event.

To accommodate this very need, we can deliver to you over the Internet the proofs of the most important images and than the actual images optimized for both media printing and E-mail delivery in a matter of hours after the conference.

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Corporate events are a different matter and you will need apart from the images for you and the press, printed photographs to send to your most important guests. You will be able to choose from the proofs which images you need as digital files and which you need as printed photographs. We can deliver quality photos on real photographic paper in all the usual formats.

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Do not forget that at most events where the press is invited you will need some good images for the press releases, be them actual photographs or digital files delivered on CDs, so you may want to visit the other sections of this site to see what we can do for your company image.

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For a price quotation please visit the Photo services page or send me an E-mail.

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    Hi Radu. As a lodge photographer from South Africa I can recommend your photography to people from Romania. Do you also take photos of lodges? Keep on taking awesome photos!


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