May 25 2006

Fuji Super CCD – interpolation or not ?

Mathematically speaking no, but the debate continues. The Fujifilm S1 Pro, announced in Jan. 2000, was the camera which really started the debate about the Fuji Super CCD interpolation performed by the sensor and the associated electronics. Continue reading

Apr 25 2006

Fuji S3 Pro Settings and Real Life use

A quick glimpse at the combinations of Fuji S3 Pro settings and Real Life Use of this pretty amazing digital camera. In this article I will present my own choice of settings, so your opinions may differ. Continue reading

Apr 10 2005

Fuji S3 Pro review – the strengths and weaknesses of a pretty amazing camera

Fuji S3 Pro, also known as Fujifilm Finepix S3 Pro is currently one of the most controversial DSLRs on the market. A Fuji S3 Pro review is not an easy task for anyone because of the inherent complexity of the camera. Depending on the settings used, it can be considered as at least two cameras into one body and this review will show you why, and how it performs in different situations. Continue reading