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About me

I am a corporate and editorial photographer based in Bucharest (Bucuresti), Romania. I specialize in architecture, industrial and technology photography, products, including jewelry, food, beverage, hotel and restaurants, management portraiture. I also do wedding photography.

My expertise which my clients most appreciate, is making images that present their companies in the best possible light, to the extent that they prefer showing the photographs instead of allowing other people to actually visit the premises.

You will find on this site both comercial photography I still do professionally, articles about digital photography and equipment user reports and reviews.

Since 2009 I coordinate the Romanian photo magazine FotoClass, which gives me access to a lot of photography equipment for review purposes and I am going to translate some of them for this site.

Like most professional photographers, I was at first a keen amateur photographer. Photography is a wonderful hobby, and when it is approached with the right information on hand it will offer a tremendous amount of satisfaction.

My first contact with photography was at the age of 6 when I received my first camera. It was the time of black & white films and wet darkrooms, of which I had my fair share of experiments, work and fun.

Eventually, my photography hobby turned into a career in 1987. After several jobs, including newspapers and magazines work, I started my own photography business in 1994 and it was successful enough to keep me happy to this day.

In the beginning I was shooting mostly 35mm film, negative at work and slides for my own pleasure. I used Canon cameras in the FD mount era and I switched to Nikon in 1992.

When I started to seriously work for the magazines, I shot a lot of slide film using my Hasselblad 500 series cameras and a few amazing Zeiss lenses until going totally digital in 2001.

Shooting slides with a Hasselblad 500 series is a very enlightening experience about the photographic image quality concept and using a Polaroid back on that system with its 2 min. processing time can teach one a lot about “real time” feedback.

My first digital camera was an Olympus E-10, from which I still have in my portfolio some full pages published in glossy magazines. Of course, today the Oly E-10 may seem from the stone age at 4 megapixel, but it was among the first affordable competent digital cameras, suitable for professional work.

Than Nikon D100 went to the market and since I already was a Nikon photographer on film, the choice was easy. The Nikon D100 delivered very good results if shot in RAW and in 2003 a resolution of 6 megapixels was plenty.

In 2005 I got the Fuji S3 pro which was very well suited to my style, giving me very good results in surprisingly different types of assignments.

The DSLRs manufacturers are not happy if you don’t buy a camera every year so I’ve got the Nikon D200 in 2006 and the Fuji S5 pro in 2007.

The Nikon D300 was a little early to the market after the Fuji S5 so I had to get it in late 2007 too, than the D700 brought the Full frame joys to affordable level and it was the logical choice in 2008.

Of course, I use various Nikon mount lenses, flashes, and studio equipment.

On the computer side, I use both PC and Mac. This site, as all my Internet work, is done on a Mac because I didn’t get on the Internet on a Windows machine since 2003.

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  1. Sandy

    To capture great images it requires great skills and perfect camera. Base of what you achieve, I could say that you are indeed a professional and skilled photographer.


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