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Industrial photography is a distinct specialty of corporate photography. In the industry, the photographer can make really spectacular images, given he/she is able to use creatively all the means available.

The best industrial images can seriously emphasize the power and capabilities of your company, often offering an edge on the competition.

Good industrial images are very important to emphasize your company’s capabilities in annual reports, brochures, catalogues, presentations, magazines and web sites, and especially when you plan to engage in a new partnership or to get new production contracts.

Industrial exteriors:

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Industrial interiors:

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Especially the people images in industrial environments are very effective in annual reports and company presentations, to give a sense of human warmth to the images.

Aerial photography

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I included aerial photography in the industrial photography section because most of the subjects are of “industrial size”: factories, large commercial complexes, hotels.

Aerial photography is very well suited for presenting large facilities in a single image: factories, industrial sites, shipyards.

Another great application of aerial photography is showing the surroundings of hotels, resorts and other touristic places.

Aerial images can be taken from small planes and helicopters, depending of the conditions offered by local aviation companies.

Hiring a plane or helicopter from a local company is important since you will be paying for the actual flight time.

The most important feature of the plane/helicopter used is the possibility to open a window or door during the actual shooting, since it is impossible to get good quality aerial images shooting through the windows.

Another important consideration is the weather, aerial photography having similar needs for good weather as the architecture photography so if possible, the flight should be scheduled for the best time when the sun lights the most important side of the buildings to be photographed.

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