Professional Photography

Last Updated on 2012/12/24 by Radu Grozescu

From executive portraits to industrial photos, medical photography, editorial, architectural images, products, jewelry, fashion, food photography, to hotels and restaurants, corporate events and even wedding photography.

Your images will be delivered in time and within budget, ready to be used in a wide range of media: offset and digital printing, web sites, presentation CDs, press releases, annual reports, catalogues, brochures and magazines. I deliver both the proofs and the final images over the Internet to accommodate fast and cost effective long distance delivery.

I am based in Bucharest (Bucureşti), Romania, but I routinely travel all across the country for photographic assignments, so please do not hesitate to contact me about any photography assignment.

The images:

You can choose the resolution of the final images:

12 megapixels ~ 24x36cm at 300dpi ~ 36x54cm at 200dpi, suitable for brochures, catalogues, flyers, A4-A3 offset printing, Internet.

36 megapixels ~ 41x62cm at 300dpi ~ 62x93cm at 200dpi, suitable for posters, calendars, large format prints.

I archive all images delivered to clients in jpeg format so in case of loss or misplaced images I can deliver a copy of the ordered images after the assignment was fulfilled.

Cost estimate:

You can estimate the costs for any type of photo shooting using the Photo Services Contract you can download here in pdf format ready for printing.

Click here for download

The total cost depends only on the time spent shooting and the number of images you order, not on the number of images shot.

Estimating costs is very transparent and you can get the best prices by choosing from “per hour” or “per day” costs, depending on your photo session needs.

Filling in the Contract with the time needed and the number of images you request in the proper formats you can easily get an estimate for any kind of photographic assignment.

The price list is the same for all clients because I offer the same quality of services to all of them.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information or to get a cost estimate for your shooting.


You can schedule tentative assignments by phone, but I really prefer E-mail for any kind of communication.

All confirmations about the shooting will be done exclusively by E-mail to avoid any confusion or mistake.

After we agree on the type of images needed, locations, hours/days needed and you approve the budget, I will firmly mark your assignment in my schedule and you will be sure about the date reservation.

After the photo session you will get the proofs in a zip file by Internet. The proofs are not processed, post-processing will be done only on the images you order.

From the proofs you will choose the images you need and send me the list. Please do not forget to specify if you need tiffs or jpeg files.

After your order I will send you the invoice and the contract with the final numbers.

After I receive the payment you will get the final images at full resolution, also by Internet.


Nikon professional grade digital cameras: D700, D800.

Nikon pro lenses: 14-24, 24-70, 70-200, 50, 85PC, 105 macro.

Nikon speedlights and Multiblitz studio flashes.

I have a small studio situated in Bucharest (Bucureşti), adapted for portraits, catalogue fashion and product photography. The studio is easily accessed both by car and public transportation, including the subway (metrou). It is reserved exclusively for my clients so you will get the address after we schedule the shooting.

For fashion, portraits and products assignments on location, I can install a mobile small studio on your premises.

When we do studio type photography on location, the digital camera is shooting directly into a laptop so you can see in seconds the images taken.

For any additional info, please send me an E-mail.