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Any exterior or interior view of your company headquarters or offices is an architecture photograph. In fact, all company presentations will feature both exterior and interior images of buildings, offices, shops, factories, depending on the company profile.

If the photographs are done professionally, they can enhance the overall company image in annual reports, brochures, catalogues, presentations, magazines and web sites.

I also work for architecture firms, construction companies, interior designers, furniture, doors and windows makers.

Architectural photography usually needs a careful planning because to be successful this type of photography depends heavily from the weather conditions and the direction of the sun, mostly for exterior images, but there are a lot of interiors which can benefit from sunny weather.

A good architecture photographer will consider careful use of people to enhance the impact for both interior and exterior images. This is not always easy, since you will have to prepare before the shooting session, having an appropriate number of people for the shots, dressed accordingly to their role in the picture.

Sometimes, the images could benefit from hiring professional models, but most of the time the employees will gladly help and the pictures will be more real this way.

Architectural exteriors:

An exterior photo of the main building is usually an essential picture in any company annual report, brochure and web site.

An architectural photographer will do justice to your corporate image photographing your headquarter building, hotel, supermarket or plant from the best possible angle and in the right light.

Successful exterior architecture images are taken only in favorable atmospheric conditions and at the precise time when the light is best on your building.

If these conditions can not be met, like buildings facing North, a slight overcast day is chosen or if the building is properly artificially lighted some spectacular nocturnal images can be taken.

In some cases aerial photography is used for a more complete coverage of your property.

If your building, hotel, supermarket or plant are not in Bucharest, I will travel to your location to take the images you need.

Architecture interiors:

Nocturnal photos:

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Architectural models:

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The architecture models are photographed for architectural bureaus or constructions company which develops architectural projects.

Using good composition and lighting, a competent photographer can make the architectural models to show realistically the architect’s intentions.

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