Jewelry photography

Last Updated on 2012/12/25 by Radu Grozescu

Jewelry photography is a very demanding specialty of product photography because of the very qualities which makes the jewelry so desirable: precious stones, perfectly finished shiny surfaces, the need to picture the mood more than the actual product.

Jewelry photography is usually requested for magazines, online stores, brochures, catalogues and web sites.

Jewelry photography is best done in the studio where it is easier to control the reflections on the polished surfaces and the look of the stones.

If you have a large amount of jewelry to photograph or special pieces which need a tighter security, we can arrange a mobile studio on your premises.

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For most applications, jewelry photography is done on white or very light backgrounds because this makes much easier changing the background color later.

As with most product shootings, jewelry is shot with the digital camera tethered to the computer so you will see in a matter of seconds the images taken.

For the jewelry designers outside of Bucharest, we can travel throughout Romania, but if you have only small amounts of jewelry to photograph we welcome you in the studio.

For special applications or spectacular images, as for magazine articles or high quality presentation, the jewelry can be photographed on models.

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But keep in mind that not all jewelry is suitable for this approach, not to mention the added time and expenses compared to a regular shooting.

For a price quotation please visit the Photo services page or send me an E-mail.