Executive portraits

Last Updated on 2012/12/25 by Radu Grozescu

The management portraits are really important because usually they are usually requested when the real people are not available to photograph.

It is really important to have quality portraits at hand when the need unexpectedly arise, from updating the company’s web site, to a business magazine in need to illustrate the latest event or interview.

The best approach is the location portrait in your company’s premises, but we can take studio type portraits, even in your offices.

The location for a good portrait should be carefully chosen, ideally in a place which offers some clues about your company’s personality.

In the case of executive portraiture, the managers are always in a hurry between meetings and they can not allocate too much time for the photo session.

This calls for good planning and location scouting well in advance, lighting is arranged and proof images are taken using someone else as the subject, so the actual photo session may take literally just a few minutes.

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