Product photography

Last Updated on 2012/12/25 by Radu Grozescu

All companies which work with any kind of hard goods need good product images for brochures, catalogues, web sites.

Product photography is usually done in the studio but for special projects I will go in location with all the equipment needed, including a computer for tethered shooting so you will have real time feed-back.

For magazines, online shops and catalogues I  do “pack-shot” type photography in my studio.

Still life photography is is often needed for product catalogues, company brochures and magazines.

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A lot of magazines feature shopping pages where very different products are presented, from clothing to footwear, cosmetics, accessories.

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These still life images can be done either in the studio, or in your location, especially if you have a lot of products which are not easy to transport.

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I can arrange a studio in any suitable space on your premises, complete with lights, background, laptop computer for tethered shooting so you will be able to assess the results on the set.

If the shooting is done for a magazine, a stylist is usually on the set to ensure all images are taken to the magazine requirements.

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For catalogue shootings, usually done for the goods producers or merchants, some help from the client is also needed to correctly unpack the products, registering the product codes if necessary.

For a price estimate please visit the Photo services page or send me an E-mail.

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